Top 3 Resources to Supercharge Your Marketing in Q2

It’s finally spring! Longer days, warmer nights…. Spring is a time for fresh starts, new growth and an opportunity to rethink, refresh and realign.

As we march into the Q2, are you staying the course with your 2017 marketing goals? Here are three resources to get you moving forward faster:

  1. If you find following your marketing plan a challenge (or you don’t have one), you need a more practical approach to marketing planning.
  2. If you feel bombarded by all the emerging marketing trends and ever-increasing technology options, you need to see this infographic and start focusing on what’s most critical for your company.
  3. If you are planning a rebrand or a refresh, you can download these free resources.

You don’t have to venture into the complicated world of marketing alone! Substance151 can be your guide in making sense of all things brand, marketing and design and help you develop and implement strategies that work best for your company. Contact us to schedule a conversation.