Marketing Geek Gratitude

Turkey + Tools = Thankfulness

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and because we are grateful that you are part of our community, we want to share a list of marketing tools our team is most thankful for this year. Try them out – they are almost guaranteed to turn you into the marketing superhero you were born to be and, more importantly, make your life a lot easier. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that?
marketing geek gratitude

Our Top 5 List

  • Canva makes creating images for blogs, social media and more a snap – whether using your branded graphics or Canva’s library.
  • BuzzSumo puts the content that’s most relevant to your audience at your fingertips.
  • Personapp provides a collaborative framework for “sketching” your buyer personas.
  • CrazyEgg uses heat maps to tell you exactly where users click and scroll on your website.
  • SpyFu lets you see what keywords are most profitable for your competitors in both paid and organic searches.

What’s on your “cannot-live-without” marketing tools list? Please share!