The Brand vs. User Dilemma: Finding the Right Balance

Presented to Ladies that UX Baltimore

We’ve all seen websites that are strikingly beautiful but completely dysfunctional. We’ve also seen those with clear navigation paths, precise information flow and strategically placed calls to action, but completely lacking emotional resonance – slipping away in the gray fog of thousands of other undistinguishable and unmemorable online experiences.

As UX designers, it is our responsibility to create seamless user experience that’s both uncompromisingly on-brand and delightfully intuitive – every time. So, how do you strike the balance between form and function, design and context, brand and user?

This presentation addresses the critical importance of bringing together both sides of the equation in order to create user experience where every interaction not only addresses user’s needs but also crates loyal brand fans.

About Ida Cheinman

Ida Cheinman is founding principal and creative director of the strategic brand communications firm Substance151. She has over 20 years of professional services branding and marketing experience, specializing in brand strategy and design across print and digital. With a niche focus on professional services and nonprofits, her work has earned multiple awards and industry recognition both nationally and internationally. Ida frequently speaks and writes on the subjects of branding and marketing.