What Would a Marketing Olympics Look Like?

Most of us will never compete in the Olympics. But that doesn’t mean what we do every day isn’t worthy of a gold medal. Find out what the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat looks like with our mock Summer Marketing Olympics.

Marketing Olympics

Brand-nastics: Just like in gymnastics, a marketing victory requires a strong core – and that means a strong brand platform. Without it, organizations are left with no clear focus; their communications invariably become inconsistent over time; and the brand itself becomes unsteady. In this Marketing Olympics event, competitors find their organization’s core strength and use it to develop a brand platform. The team that sticks the landing (creates a brand platform that is “sticky” – a.k.a. most memorable and differentiating) wins.

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Identity Archery: The logo is often the first expression of a brand platform. In this Marketing Olympics event, competitors must design a logo that exactly pinpoints the essence of the brand. After all, once a strong brand is in place, the rest of marketing communications, just like archery, is simply about hitting the target.

Triathlon for Communications: Today’s integrated marketing communications requires connecting with target audiences on multiple channels. But with every channel having its own personality and culture (think Facebook versus LinkedIn), messaging can get tricky. In this Marketing Olympics event, competitors develop a three-part integrated communications campaign with brand’s message, style and personality that nails it for each channel.

Synchronized Execution: It is the marketer’s job to make sure that marketing communication programs are in sync with the company’s overarching goals and that their execution is highly polished. In this Marketing Olympics event, marketers are scored on how adept they are at creating a cohesive marketing program and how smoothly they manage the multiple factors that influence impactful outcomes once the program is in motion.

High Jump for Results: Marketing needs to be measured with the goal of always achieving the highest marks. In this Marketing Olympics event, results must be continually improved or competitors will face the consequences. Teams select the metrics they will measure based on their objectives, analyze those metrics at regular intervals and determine the strategic and tactical adjustments needed to generate ever-increasing results.

As a branding and marketing firm, Substance151 helps its clients compete in the marketplace every single day. So, while there never will be a real Marketing Olympics, our goal is always to bring you the gold.

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