Get Ready for 2018: Marketing Resources Roundup

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Although we are still in the midst of summer vacation season, September is right around the corner. This means the kids will soon to be back in school and marketers will begin to planning and budgeting their 2018 – identifying goals and top priorities and taking stock in what worked this year and where things could be improved.

With the busy months ahead, we’ve got you covered with our top marketing planning resources and tools for strengthening your brand, creating better content and making sense of top marketing trends.

Marketing Planning

Stay focused and move away from “getting a lot done” to setting and accomplishing a single, vitally important initiative. To learn how, read our article on a more practical approach to marketing planning.

Also recommended:

Rebranding Resource Center

Constantly changing market conditions, emerging audience needs and changes in your company’s strategic direction, can cause your brand to become out of alignment with today’s needs. To avoid this, your brand must be audited as a part of your company’s annual strategic planning to determine if further audit and/or any adjustments are needed.

To help you navigate a complicated world of brand building, we’ve created this Rebranding Resource Center for Busy Marketers and Company Leaders.

Un-Complicating Content

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) report, more than 60 percent of B2B content marketers are seeing more results and ROI from their efforts. All the more reasons to stay committed and dedicate time, talent and resources to creating engaging, relevant, high-quality content.

Dominating Digital

You don’t have to venture into the complicated world of branding and marketing alone! Substance151 can be your guide in navigating all things brand, marketing and design and helping you develop and implement strategies that work best for your company. Contact us to schedule a conversation.

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Your Brand Toolbox

Building a strong brand is anything but easy. To assist you with the entire process – from conducting your brand audit through rebranding, we’ve developed this Brand Toolbox.